" With every project, Quantya's mission is to exceed expectations. Since 2007, Quantya has been the most respected name as electric motorcycle manufacturer. Our visions have pioneered the green mobility and have always kept our clients one step ahead. The secret to Quantya's success has been a level of adaptation that can only come from passion about what we do.
Today the technical possibilities change quickly and we stay in line with our clients needs and expectations. Quantya's passion and experience brings our clients the pleasure they are looking for."

Let us create for you, enjoy the difference..

December 2010
After two supermoto races, one enduro and three motocross has concluded the first off-road national championship in the world for electric bikes . 38 drivers have battled with different brands and models. At the end the Quantya's official team won the first and third place in the final score.

October 2010
WSB reporter Michael Guy visited Trailworld to test out their Quantya Evo 1 QuantyaparX Edition. He was blown away by the performance and agility of the bike and gave it a great report in MCN. The bike was actually awarded 5 stars!

September 2010
This month was a big month for everyone there at Quantya UK and Trailworld. They signed an agreement which will see Trailworld running a track based experience and a trek or trail riding experience using six Quantya Evo1 (Quantyaparx Edition). This is a huge step forward for us launching Quantyaparx in the UK and also it means that you the public will also now be able to enjoy the bikes year round.

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